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Unstoppable force. UnLtd identity

We see a future where enterprising people are transforming our world for good. You're one of those people. Help us spread our message and take social entrepreneurship mainstream.

You might have been supported by an UnLtd award or worked closely with us to support a social entrepreneur. Either way you are part of a movement that is working to do business differently. Here's how you can shout about it.

Our logo

Purple logo

Orange logo

White logo (transparent)

Why not link to us from your website?

We want to build a movement of people doing good. You can help others get the support they need to grow their own ideas for social good by linking our logo on your website, to unltd.org.uk

When you publish our logo or content that references us, please don't forget to share a link to www.unltd.org.uk, you can use the HTML code below to link to us:

<a href="http://www.unltd.org.uk">I'm an UnLtd Social Entrepreneur</a>

Adding the logo in and linking back to the UnLtd website (also includes code for adjusting the size. Recommended minimum size would be 180px wide by 67px high)

<a href="http://www.unltd.org.uk"><img alt="UnLtd Award Winner Logo" height="67" src="“UPLOAD-LOGO-&-INSERT-IMAGE-URL-HERE“" width="180" /></a>

How to use the logo

As one of the UnLtd social entrepreneurs, you are eligible to use the logos above. You may want to use this logo:

  • On your website or other digital media
  • On printed leaflets, business cards or other printed media

If you need the logo in a different format you can download our full logo pack (containing vector files and jpegs).

Download our logo pack

Our logo in action

The logo must never be redrawn, adjusted or modified in any way. It should only be reproduced from the artwork provided.

Wherever possible use the purple or orange version of our logo. If on a photo, it must be positioned in a clear section so that it's easy to see

Clear space

To ensure the clarity of our logo, we require that there is clear space around the it: equal to the width of the logo.

Minimum size

Our recommended minimum size is 180px wide by 67px high.

Where should I use it?

We'd recommend placing the logo in the bottom right of a document.

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