Developing and delivering an Apprenticeship for Entrepreneurs - get involved

We’re working on the launch of the new Apprenticeship for Entrepreneurs in early 2018. The apprenticeship will offer aspiring entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop skills, while employers gain access to innovative ideas from the next generation of enterprise leaders.

The Apprenticeship for Entrepreneurs is nearing completion. We want to get a sense of the likely uptake by employers.

If you are an employer who is potentially interested in taking on entrepreneurship apprentices from 2018 or a training provider who knows of employers who are interested in doing so, please fill out this short survey.

What will happen next?

The final hurdle is the Government's approval of the assessment plan, which outlines how the apprentices work will be evaluated during and at the end of the apprenticeship.

The apprenticeship standard for entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs, defining the expected knowledge, skills and behaviours of successful apprentices, has already been approved.

Back in January, we submitted a draft assessment plan. In March, we got a response from the Department for Education. They didn't approve the plan we put forward, but provided us with useful feedback to ensure that it has a better chance of being approved next time.

We are now in discussions with assessment organisations, training providers and employers to revise the Assessment Plan and we are aiming to resubmit it in the next couple of months. All being well, the Apprenticeship for Entrepreneurs could be ready for early 2018.

If you are a training provider, assessment organisation or employer and would like to get involved, please get in touch via 'apprenticeships' or contact David Pollard, Director of Southern Business Growth Network and chair of the apprenticeship employers group.


For more information on how the apprenticeship for entrepreneurs will work in practice and for ideas on how your organisation could benefit from it, we published a brief for employers. Download PDF

March 2016 – Government approves standard apprenticeship for entrepreneurs

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April 2015 – UnLtd calls on the next Government to introduce apprenticeships for entrepreneurs as part of the Social Economy Alliance

January 2015 – UnLtd and FSB seek views on apprenticeships for entrepreneurs

October 2014 – Minister for civil society Rob Wilson applauds apprenticeships idea

September 2014 – Lord Young joins the debate on apprenticeships for social entrepreneurs

September 2014 – Apprenticeships idea chimes with Labour’s thinking

September 2014 – UnLtd invites politicians to explore a social entrepreneurship apprenticeship

September 2014 – UnLtd urges politicians to back an apprenticeship for entrepreneurs as part of the the social economy

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