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Kevin Armstrong

Policy Lead

6th November 2019



Purposely beta was developed and launched by UnLtd, DCMS and Bates Wells last year. We knew the online tool would be useful for social entrepreneurs, but we didn’t anticipate just how useful. The need for Purposely to exist in encouraging and supporting all types of mission-led businesses was apparent as soon as it launched. This is why, today, we’re announcing the opportunity to be part of Purposely’s exciting next chapter of development.

Since Purposely beta launched early last year:

  • It has attracted around 5,000 unique visitors.
  • The tool has been used hundreds of times to work out how to protect their venture’s purpose through their ‘articles of association’.
  • The UK Government’s Civil Society Strategy pledged its support to develop and expand the tool
  • Purposely beta received coverage in the Evening Standard, Companies House blog and ESELA Annual Conference, alongside many other respected websites, publications and events.
  • Purposely beta was shortlisted for a 2019 Digital Agenda Impact Award.

The popularity of Purposely beta reflected the shifting business trends towards both the growth of and demand for purposeful businesses. 

Just recently, you may have heard on the Today programme about the British Academy’s framework for the future of the corporation. Or you could have read about the Business Roundtable’s adoption of ‘improving our society’, rather than ‘increasing profits’, as the defined purpose of a corporation. 

This news could be found in The Guardian, which is now the first major news organisation to become a B Corporation as part of its commitment to becoming a more purposeful business. In the right home with the right resources, Purposely could play an even more significant role supporting this movement towards purposeful business. 

After consulting with a range of social entrepreneurs, businesses, legal firms, civil servants and representative bodies, UnLtd has identified development priorities for Purposely to support the increasing receptiveness in the commercial space to identify, protect and live a clear purpose. This will require a wider legal and business sector knowledge beyond UnLtd. We’ll therefore be looking to hand Purposely over to a new home with the resources it needs.

Promising discussions have started with a potential new home and a co-funder, but additional expressions of interest are welcome. If you would like to join the conversation about Purposely’s next chapter – either as a willing future home and/or funder, please contact our policy team. 

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