Connecting to great support

We believe that by collaborating and creating networks, we can help social entrepreneurs to access the right support at the right time so that new ideas can flourish, while ambitious ventures can grow to deliver greater social impact.

That’s why we are finding new ways to help large numbers of social entrepreneurs start well and thrive.

From investment to legal support or just simply talking to someone else who’s been through the same journey, we want to make sure that social entrepreneurs are able to access the right support where they need it, when they need it.

Access the right people


We recognise the value of social entrepreneurs connecting and sharing with each other as well as supporters, experts and funders. We want to help them to develop and strengthen their networks. We understand that finding those who can help you with the right support, when you need it, is fundamental to a social entrepreneur’s success

Building a solid network


We want to attract more funders, customers, investors, specialists and champions. We want to innovate on new ways to help social entrepreneurs get the help they need, from bringing in completely new supporters into the space, to integrating support into the education and skills system

Connect to support

Apply for funding and or discover ways of how you can work with us to support social entrepreneurs.  

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Our impact

online community


We host a series of events throughout the UK each year. From classes and conferences, seminars and workshops to networking events and training sessions.

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Learning area

Looking for financial guidance? Want to sharpen your marketing skills? Access our range of guides in the learning area..

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