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We want to see a world where more people have the resources, power and confidence to make it better. We believe that the best way to achieve this is to help social entrepreneurship go mainstream.

Our strategy, ‘Going Mainstream: how can social entrepreneurship breakthrough?’, is about finding ways to break down the barriers faced by social entrepreneurs when starting and growing their venture. This might be issues in accessing training, raising capital, selling products and services or simply communicating what they do and why to potential partners. 

It’s a big goal that demands great focus. So currently, we concentrate on three of the most pressing issues facing the UK. 

  • Realising entrepreneurial potential
  • Maximising social impact
  • Connecting to support

Experience has taught us social entrepreneurs need a vibrant eco-system in order to thrive. So, we convene a cohort of support. We surround social entrepreneurs with allies and backers. And we lead a community committed for good in the UK and across the world.

We are going mainstream. We are dedicated to helping social entrepreneurs become valued members of society. By 2020, we will have created an even more powerful community. And witnessed tremendous impact to bring about much-needed change.

Realising potential

Realising potential 

Maximising social impact


Connecting to support



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We host a series of events throughout the UK each year. From classes and conferences, seminars and workshops to networking events and training sessions.

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learning area

Learning area

Looking for financial guidance? Want to sharpen your marketing skills? Access our range of guides in the learning area..

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