Resilient communities

4th September 2017



Social entrepreneurs are working hard to respond to the challenges faced by people in their communities.

Yet in a climate of increasing inequality, lack of trust in decision makers and a tightening of public spending, many don’t feel empowered to create change in the places where they live.

This steady decline in public funding has added to the pre-existing social challenges in many vulnerable areas across the UK. To find solutions to these issues, you don't need to look far. The people with the innovation, passion, and community trust are already in the areas. It is vital that we harness the talents and skills of local people to create local solutions for local issues.

People have the ideas to help their communities

Solutions designed and led by people who have lived through the issues they are trying to solve are often the most effective.

In our 'Changing Places' documentary, made possible by players of People's Postcode Lottery, local innovators share their ventures, connections, and learnings from being a social entrepreneur in Brighton, Dundee, the South Wales Valleys, and North Staffs.

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