Award Programme

Movement for Change

In partnership with Sport England, the Movement for Change programme aims to support social entrepreneurs who are helping to unlock the advantages of sport and physical activity for the most marginalised communities. Awards of up to £18,000 are available, alongside support to develop key business and leadership skills to help social ventures become more financially sustainable

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" The Movement for Change programme gave Legacy Active Communities a space to focus on building for the future as we support schools and communities to encourage health and physical activity in young people’s everyday lives. With likeminded social entrepreneurs, we could address challenges and opportunities for social enterprise, while discussing our business models and opportunities for growth "

Shaun Fox Founder, Legacy Active Communities

Tailored support

As an Award Winner on the Movement for Change programme, you will be able to access tailored support including:

Learning circles
Monthly online sessions to connect with and learn from fellow social entrepreneurs in the sport and physical activity space
Subsidised Consultancy
Access to specialised consultancy services that are not covered by UnLtd’s learning offer to support your growth
Bespoke Workshops
Delivered by experts covering different aspects of running a social venture from impact to income
Learning journeys
Opportunities to learn from fellow social entrepreneurs by visiting and experiencing their work
Everything in Millennium Awards Trust
Get access to a Support Manager, pro-bono consultancy, workshops to upskill with your peers, and expert advice and guidance.

Programme eligibility

To be considered for the Movement for Change programme you must be:

16 years old or older
Located in
Operating in
Sports and physical activity sectors

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Apply for an Award to start or grow your social venture.