Black-owned social enterprises you can buy from this #BlackPoundDay 

Mai Brightling

External Affairs Assistant

4th December 2020



Taking part in #BlackPoundDay is a simple way to protest anti-Blackness in the UK, and lend your support to the Black community. The Black Pound Day website “encourages everyone to replace their usual purchases with products from Black-owned businesses” on the first Saturday of every month. In this blog you’ll find a list of Black-owned social enterprises that you could buy from next Black Pound Day – some of which are led by social entrepreneurs whom we have had the privilege of working with.  

Like the USA, the UK has been complicit in centuries of systematic racismProtests following the murder of George Floyd earlier this year resulted in a heightened awareness of the racial injustice that is embedded in our society.  

The Black Pound Day movement, which started in June, is a way of sustaining this awareness and translating it into direct action. So Solid Crew’s DJ Swiss came up with the idea as a “a solution-based approach to support the growth of the UK Black economy”, says the Black Pound Day website.  

Using the 2011 census, The Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship at Aston Business School reported that Black people run only 0.67% of UK businesses despite making up 3.3% of the populationThe under-representation of Black leaders in business is a result of institutionalised racism. 

The Department for Communities and Local Government reports that ethnic minority business owners are more likely to have their loan applications rejected than white applicantsEvidence also shows that less than 1% of venture capital funding goes to Black founders. (Black Pound Day 2020)

Though there is plenty of work to be done from a funding and investment perspective, consumers also have a say in the matter.  

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of Black-owned social enterprises that you could shop from every Black Pound Day. From handmade jewellery to freshly ground coffee, there is sure to be a venture that catches your eye.  

Have a browse, and don’t forget to share any new-found purchases/businesses on your social media with the hashtag #BlackPoundDay to show your support for the movement.  

To find out about the inspiring work of more Black social entrepreneurs, read our Black History Month blog, which also includes resources for learning about the Black experience, as well as how to be actively anti-racist.  

We know there are many Black-owned social enterprises in the UK who we haven't included, and will be happy to update this post with further suggestions. Please share your facourite social impact driven Black-owned ventures with us – we look forward to seeing your recommendations.  



Food & Drink 


Clothing & accessories 




Health and fitness  

  • Broutal Impact - Broutal Impact was founded by UnLtd Award Winner Shabana Brou.  


Cards and gifts 




Products for children with additional needs   

  • Lapapo - Lalapo’s Founder and CEO Anike Mlemchukwu is an UnLtd Award Winner.  


Products for those in later life 

  • MiiCare - UnLtd Award Winner Kelvin Summogum is Founder and CEO of MiiCare  


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